Thursday, July 29, 2010


Zachary said...

You have some truly gorgeous work on here, you should be proud...

Say said...

Thanks Zachary! I'm trying to keep updating. haha
I checked your blog too. There's no place to leave message though...
I love your stuff. Specially the white cat. Love it love it. kk
Hope to see you around here~~ :D

김한준 said...

Long time no see~ sebal~^^
what's up~ bal~:)
it's me! hanjun obb!
cyworld told me that your birthday is tomorrow, haha!
happy birthday~!!!

i've been looking around your blog. obviously fantastic works on here...great job~!!
i thought you've been going for a drink all days~ ^^;;;
i was wrong~~~ impressive~

when will you come back?
hope to see you soon~

i've got second baby~^^ i'll be two children's father next year~;;